1. Awareness of the enormous effort made by all health professionals and of the risk they undertake due to the lack of protection equipment available;

  2. Awareness of the great need institutions at the forefront of the fight against COVID-19 have;

  3. Absolute conviction that in hands of each one of us, individually and within the realm of each one’s possibilities, lies the responsibility to find a way to support those you need help the most;

  4. Absolute conviction that only with the effort of a united community will we be able to get through this unprecedented crisis;

  5. Fully aware of the social role that our companies, Garrafeira Soares and Herdade da Malhadinha Nova have played in this last few decades;

  6. Fully aware of the role that we now must take before this tragic conjuncture that we are going through;

  7. Ability to mobilize and show the way to go in this vast universe of personal and business relationships that surely will follow this initiative.





  1. Any entity of singular person can adhere to the initiative by donating directly the proposed value to one of the three chosen institutions using the created fund raising page;

  2.  The three chosen institutions with great proactivity in fighting COVID-19:

  • IMM - Molecular Medicinal Institute | João Lobo Antunes

  • ABC - Algarve Biomedical Center (Investigation and Algarve Biomedical Formation Academic Center)

  • SERHUMANO (Be Human) fighting COVID-19 in Beja – An initiative by Herdade da Malhadinha, Beja Polytechnic Institute and Beja Cáritas Diocesana.

     3. Creation of the “fund raising” page for observation of the campaign success’ evolution;
     4. Divulgation of the campaign through: social networks, Garrafeira Soares website (www.garrafeirasoares.pt) and Herdade da Malhadinha

         Nova (www.malhadinhanova.pt); press and social media (total in charge of GS’ and HMN’s marketing department).






By sponsoring 3 packs worth 250€, 500€ or 1000 € we will support and encourage other entities or people to join this initiative.




  1. Donation of any monetary value (starting at 1€) directly to the chosen institution through the respective fundraising page;

  2. Donation through the packs promoted by Garrafeira Soares and Herdade da Malhadinha Nova, directly to the chosen institution, through the fundraising page:






1 Monte da Peceguina 1,5L




1 Convento do Paraíso tinto 75cl
1 Euphoria tinto e 1 Euphoria rosé 75cl,
1 Arinto da Peceguina 75cl
1 Olive Oil Malhadinha 25cl
1 Natural Honey Malhadinha 500g




1 night for 2 people at Herdade da Malhadinha Nova (subject to availability / restrictions in high seasons)


After making your contribution, you should leave your e-mail contact on the respective donation platform and wait for the contact of the Herdade da Malhadinha Nova / Garrafeira Soares team. We will request the data (name and address) to send the pack corresponding to the value of your donation. You will comfortably receive the pack at your home!


Molecular Medicine Institute - IMM

The objective of this support is to stimulate and actively involve the Portuguese cientific and technological community – which are very capable, to the general mobilization in this war. The MMI is responsible for the implementation of the certified PCR diagnostic test and validated by the Ricardo Jorge Institute and is ready for action. It utilizes reagents produced in Portugal by the biotechnology firm NZYTech. The MMI test can also estimate the viral charge, which may be relevant in the clinical prognostic evaluation.

The MMI test will be produced in large quantities and the goal is for it to be applied in its own units throughout the country. Applying the test in elderly nursing homes is very important and particularly urgent and of critical importance. It is being implemented in direct coordination with the Work and Social Security Minister, Ana Mendes Godinho and Portuguese Red Cross in articulation with Social Security services. It requires a very sensible logistical operation, to harvest samples and applying the necessary measures to isolate infected elders. Support is being rounded by patrons and MTSS volunteers.


Help us help!



Algarve Biomedical Center - ABC

The present pandemic caused by the SARs-CoV2 virus requires the immediate need to make contingency measures and efforts to reduce the impact on the public’s health.
The health professions and researchers at the forefront of this fight, even with every effort, do not have the necessary materials to safeguard their safety and provide the best healthcare and diagnostic to those who need them. The Algarve Biomedical Centre (ABC), a consortium between the Biomedicine Investigation Centre (BIC), the University of Algarve Medicine and Biomedic Ciences Department and the Algarve University Hospital Centre (Hospital Centre that runs the three public hospitals in the Algarve: Faro, Portimão e Lagos) is providing first
line assistance in the fight against COVID-19, because it can act without the burocratic procedures’ limitations of our National Healthcare System, therefore it can apply the funds and acquire the equipment and materials in a much faster way.


Actions in course:

· COVID +70 – The ABC, the Work Ministy, Solidarity and Social Security have established a protocol that supports various structures for the elderly in the Algarve region, with the priority being in testing every user and employee;
· Drive-through harvest centre working next to the Algarve Stadium;
· Call-centre support connected to the SNS24, that is already taking 3000 calls a day with medicine students from University of Algarve;
· Support for Mozambique and Guiné-Bissau in the COVID-19 pandemic;
· National production of swabs and harvesting means;
· Equipment restock in health institutions.


Help us help!



Moved by the will to help the fragile and most vulnerable that live or work in Beja, we promoted the informal partnership that we called SERHUMANO (BEHUMAN) – for fighting the COVID-19 in Beja. In its birth are Herdade da Malhadinha Nova in Albernoa, a higher
polytechnic education institution – Beja Polytechnic Institution (BPI) and a social institution – Beja Caritas Diocesana.

Together we created a fund that intends to collect donations to those, that like us, are sensible to the suffering of others, understand that understanding is the most powerful emotion to change to world. So, we chose to act and make a difference whether in someone else’s life and in our own. Reflecting good, wishing good upon others that same that we wish for ourselves. Exerting goodness. In the blessing Urbi at Orbi from March 27th, Pope Francis said: “(…) we were surprised by a furious and unexpected storm. We realized that we are all on the same boat, all fragile and perplexed but at the same time important and necessary: all called to row together, caressed of mutual encouraging. And, in this boat, we all are. Like the disciples that in one voice, anguishly said: “we will perish”, like we all realized that we cannot remains on the road by our own account, only together we will make it”. It’s together that we want to be. And it is for all of us to be together that we challenge you to this feat: cooperate! Help SERHUMANO help those in need.


Help us help!




To help us cherish this solidarity campaign, we decided to choose 4 notable ambassadors: António Zambujo,  Dino d’Santiago, Paula Lobo Antunes and Carlos Moedas. Each ambassador supports an institution and will appeal to the support of its followers with a message, in video format, on the profile of their social networks. The ambassadors were elected with a logic that links them regionally or emotionally to the cause.



Paula Lobo Antones


IMM ambassador


Dino d'Santiago


ABC ambassador


António Zambujo


SERHUMANO ambassador


Carlos Moedas

(Gulbenkian Administrator)

SERHUMANO ambassador


We take Jorge Buescu’s words and appeal to you all:

“This is the way. We have competence in Portugal, we have intelligence in Portugal, we have Science and Technology in Portugal, we have
industry in Portugal. We have everything. All that’s left is to put the wheels in motion. (…)

In the midst of chaos, there are reasons to hope.

Time urges. Hearts high.”

Together we are stronger!

Soares Family