Casa das Artes e Ofícios

Villa inspired by art

Casa das Artes e Ofícios has 180m2 and 2 very original 25m2 suites, dining rooms, living room and kitchen. With an exterior swimming pool providing a singular view over the Alentejo plains.

On the banks of the Ribeira de Terge, from the ruin that was once a communal space where clothes were washed and bread baked, today there stands a house that pays living homage to the arts and crafts.

Here, in every nook and cranny, the art of the master craftsman oozes out. Clay, willow, for basket-making, the mud wall cladding in architect Matteo Brioni’s olive green, and other materials are the heart, soul and inspiration of this original villa divided into two suites (25m2 each) on a mezzanine floor.

In this 180m2 exhibition space, each item of decoration is a work of art. Almost every object can be bought and each, mostly made by local artisans, relates to a memory connecting the arts with the river running past.

The pieces combine contemporary creativity with traditional activities, reflected in the TASA Project that developed the Achigãs Lamps (the achigã, or largemouth bass, once swam in the river). The Vitra furniture, Vista Alegre dining service created to help the reforestation of the Amazon and the Olaio furniture provide a touch of exclusivity and charm to a unique rural space inspired by the arts.

The terrace provides an unmatched view of the Alentejo plains, and the pool is an extension of the nearby river and its running waters.

Villa (2 suites) 1600€ / night

Minimum reservations of 4 nights.
  • 2 Suites of 25 m2 each
  • Outdoor areas with unique views of the Alentejo plain
  • Terraces and porches with lounge and leisure areas
  • 1 Swimming pool
  • Kitchen
  • Library
  • Central Heating
  • Underfloor heating and air conditioning in all rooms
  • Television in rooms
  • Wi-Fi
  • Bulgary Amenities
  • Ipad and Bose sound in every room
  • Fresh fruit and flowers in the rooms

Villa (2 suites) 1600€ / night

Minimum reservations of 4 nights.
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