Soares Family

a dream come true

Dream and Passion

Once upon a time ... a family

In 1998, the Soares family, João, Paulo, Rita, João and Maria Antónia, together went chasing a dream. And passion. A dream of time and space. A passion for Nature and products harvested. Respecting her.

They put their hands on the earth. Feeling the soil. They gave new life Herdade da Malhadinha Nova, located in Albernoa, at the heart of Low Alentejo.

Motivated by the dream and passion, they transformed their vast place stopped in time in a window for production of Alentejo genuine products of high quality.

To the wine they added the raising of autochthonous breeds in total harmony with nature and a rigorous protection regime of protected designation of origin.

Renovated and reborn from existing ruins, different types of housing units’ surface along the various nooks and crannies of this land. The weather, nature, genuineness, and authenticity serve as a common denominator. Integrated in perfect harmony with the bucolic scenery, on the inside, we stumble upon modernity and the singular decoration.


Leave a legacy of embracing self- sustainability, where time, nature, and space are the ultimate expression of luxury and happiness.

Commitment to inspire the world by creating unique and authentic wine, hospitality and farming experiences, sharing family values, with a deep focus on environmental, social, and economic sustainability.

Sustainability, family, legacy, tradition, commitment, well-being, excellence, passion, inspiration, ethics.

Tell me how does a place with so many spaces inside exist, a dream that someone made real, a will that overflowed from both ends and flooded us with passion and the need to stay.


commitment and passion

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