Cattle breeding

The deepest liberty in their natural habitat

Indigenous regional breeds – Iberian black pigs, Alentejana cows, white and black Merino sheep and Pure Blood Lusitano horses – also roam at will on the estate in their natural habitat: the cork-oak woods.

Iberian black pig

Open-air grazing, based on the resources naturally available – acorns and pasture – provides a model for how livestock rearing should be organised today. Herdade da Malhadinha follows the same rule, with the Iberian black pigs roaming every square metre of the estate in complete coexistence with nature. Their 100% natural feed results in a succulence and tastiness that is entirely unique. And this extends to the excellence of the hams and sausages.

Alentejana cow

The Alentejana cow is extensively reared. Like the Iberian black pig, it feeds freely on what nature provides.
This feeding pattern leads to meat of the highest quality sold under the Carnalentejana DOP label, bringing together a group of cattle breeders.


Merino sheep

In addition to producing lamb and mutton, this sheep species provides recognised assistance during the winegrowing process, grazing on the weeds as it roams between the vines.

Sustainable nature

respect for the environment
At Herdade da Malhadinha Nova, respect for the environment and sustainability have been the guiding principles since the beginning.
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