Inês Matos Andrade | 2022-01-24

4 Questions for Pedro Lamares

Some know him from theatre, others from television and cinema, others still from his close relationship with poetry and literature.

Pedro Lamares was born in 1979. He studied theatre at the Academia Contemporânea do Espectáculo (Contemporary Academy for the Performing Arts), where he worked with more than ten authors.

In the cinema he played parts in films by directors João Botelho, Jorge Paixão da Costa, Vítor Gonçalves, Joaquim Leitão and António Pedro Vasconcelos.In television he presented the programmes "Literature Now" and "Literature Here" (RTP2) where, together with Filipa Leal, he selected and recorded texts. Currently he carries out the same functions in the programme 'Nada será como Dante' (Nothing will be like Dante). He was part of the main cast of eight soap operas in Portugal (TVI) and one in Brazil (co-production between BANDEIRANTES and RTP1). He was part of the cast of several RTP series, including '"O Atentado" (The Attack), "3 Mulheres" (3 Women), "A Espia" (The Spy), "Filhos do Rock" (Sons of Rock) or "República" (Republic) in which he starred with Joaquim de Almeida. In Poetry, he dedicates himself to the selection of texts and readings in recitals and literary cycles. In this context he has created and directed shows with Eunice Muñoz, Lúcia Moniz, António Capelo, Rui Spranger, among others. He has taken part in more than ten national and international literary festivals. He directs shows in the areas of theatre, music and poetry. He has created various solo projects and projects with musicians, which are still touring. He teaches in theatre schools and is a trainer in the area of communication and text reading. He develops lecture projects and recitals for secondary school students, such as ' Entre nós e as palavras’ (’Between us and the words'), shown tens of times in the last years and he has also directed two youth theatre groups.

Pedro Lamares is a regular presence at Malhadinha, where he has already presented guests with some recitations in his unmistakable voice. We challenged him to answer a few questions:

1. Describe Malhadinha Nova in three words:

. Connection;
. Adventure;
. Family;

2. Which poem would you choose to represent the estate?

Poem II of Alberto Caeiro's "Guardador de Rebanhos":

My gaze is sharp as a sunflower.
I am in the habit of walking the roads
Looking right and left,
And every now and then looking back...
And what I see at every moment
Is that which I had never seen before,
And I am very well aware of it...
I know how to have the essential amazement
That a child has, if at birth,
It had noticed that it was really born...
I feel born at every moment
For the eternal novelty of the World...

I believe in the world like a marigold,
Because I see it. But I don't think of it
Because to think is not to understand...
The world was not made for us to think about it
(To think is to be sick in the eyes)
But to look at it and agree...

I have no philosophy: I have senses...
If I mention Nature, it is not because I know what she is,
But because I love her, and I love her for it,
Because those who love never know what they love
They don´t even know why they love, nor what is love...

To love is eternal innocence,
And the only innocence is not to think...

3. If you could repeat a moment lived at Malhadinha, what would it be?

Between the pleasure of enjoying extraordinary wines, the galloping on horseback between vineyards, the dive head-on into nature with the four seasons changing its shapes and colours and the moments of human sharing with the immense generosity of the Soares family, the sum of moments of love, wonder, inspiration and comfort, make Malhadinha a place to return to, of arrival home, always tireless and unrepeatable.

4. Which fictional character would you like to take to dinner with you at Malhadinha?

Obelix would love to get to know the Alentejo black pig (all those on the estate, at lunch, which he was more given to devouring than tasting). In the afternoon, with Alberto Caeiro, I would learn to look at nature. At night, I would drink a Pequeno João or a Marias da Malhadinha with Leonard Cohen who, although not fictional, will always be a fixation.

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