Malhadinha Nova | 2022-03-08


Interview with Architect Paulo Coelho Lima, CEO of the brand Lameirinho.


1. How did the "Malhadinha Nova"/"Lameirinho" relationship come about?
"MALHADINHA NOVA" has always been considered by "Lameirinho" as a potential reference customer; but it was a couple, a mutual friend couple who brought us together. Francisca and Ricardo Pereira, who already have a long-standing relationship with both "Lameirinho" and "Malhadinha Nova" and who are known to the public in general, were kind enough to “sponsor” this approach; from there we started to follow a commercial path and an excellent partnership relationship, we hope this will be another marriage for life.


2. What are the common values between the two projects?
Both "MALHADINHA NOVA" and "LAMEIRINHO" are driven by providing the best experience possible to the customer. A good opinion builds loyalty and makes a person to come back. It is the orientation towards a segment that prizes quality and differentiating details, the motto that unites us; making this a successful partnership.

3. What is the history of “Lameirinho”?
"LAMEIRINHO" is a Portuguese company, with over 70 years of history, knowledge and experience in the home textile field. The company was founded by my grandfather in 1948, so I am part of the 3rd generation in the company.
Our business focus is the “Private Label”, that is, production for internationally recognized brands, but we already have a strong presence in the “Contract” area, retrofitting high-end and reference Hotels and Restaurants. We also have our own brands, but our most recent focus was on the "Lameirinho" brand. With this brand, we want to bring home the experience of a good night in a Hotel.


4. What makes "Lameirinho" products, sheets and terry towelling, so special?
"Lameirinho" is a quite vertical industrial company that controls the entire process from fabric manufacture to packaging and shipping. We have a qualified, dedicated team with a know-how consolidated through the decades, which daily ensures that the "LAMEIRINHO" product reaches the consumer with impeccable quality and a unique touch. We often say that our employees are artisans who work on an industrial scale, and that makes our product different and value-added.


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