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A trip through many therapies’ practices all over the world

A kaleidoscope of massage and a journey through various therapies practised all around the world – from India to Polynesia, Japan, Brazil and Sweden. It’s the starting point for stretching, reinvigorating and rejuvenating your face, hands, feet, skin and muscles.

Exotic wood, bamboo, heated stones, oils, shea butter, hot candles, shells and wine are some of the natural elements that combine with skilful hands to provide a balance between body and mind.

Diving into wine

Because wine is the central element of this family project, it was inevitable that its regenerative and antioxidant properties would also feature in the spa. It is used in the supreme ritual around the cult of Caudalie, the French brand which has led the way in the use of grapes in cosmetics, nutritional and detoxifying vinotherapy treatments, exfoliation, wine massage and the antioxidant involvement of wine, and ends with immersion in a bath of grape liquid in your room.

A journey around the world without leaving the Alentejo

Take a journey around the world without leaving the spa. Experience the Swedish-inspired Malhadinha massage, Lomi Lomi (a traditional holistic technique developed by Polynesians and master curers from Hawaii), Poussins Wood Exotic Massage (using the extract of the wacapou tree that grows in the heart of French Guyana and the Brazilian Amazon), Geothermal Therapy (using hot volcanic stones), Bamboo Massage (in which the muscles are “softened” by a compression roller), Candle Therapy (a fusion of massage with plant-based hot candles containing shea butter, vitamins and essential oils), Ocean Breeze (shell therapy, in which marine elements – shells, sea snails and whelks – are used outside water), Silk and Feather Therapy (exploring Thai-style spirituality with silk), Reiki (an ancient natural therapy using the hands) or Ayurvedic Indian Massage.

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