Vinification occurs in a traditional manner in mills. Thanks to the cellar's distinctive level structure, the whole process occurs due to the force of gravity thus avoiding the use of pumps capable of removing much of the desired quality.

The grapes are received in small 12 kg boxes and emptied directly into modern refrigerated vats, where the treading combines the traditional methods of winemaking and the use of technology in order to obtain the full potential Mother nature gave the grapes in the vineyard.

The barrel cellar is dug several meters deep into the hillside and provides excellent conditions for the ageing process of the wine.


To conserve part of our wines we use French oak barrels that despite the high costs involved, are essential in the sensory and physicochemical composition of our wines.

Every year we acquire 80-90 new barrels from 8 different cooperages: Francois Frère, Mercury, Nadaliè, Cadus, Damy, Tarausaund, Boutes, Seguin Moreau.

It should be noted that all the wines in the cellar have a monthly sensory analysis and physicochemical laboratory analysis so as to ensure proper conservation and development of the wines.