Awaken your artistic side and explore the universe of painting, sculpture and photography with the countryside surrounding Herdade da Malhadinha Nova as a backdrop. Go out in search of an unforgettable experience of Alentejo's culture and historical heritage enveloped in the ancestral knowledge of the local people.

Clay Pottery Workshop

Price: 50€/pax [Min. 4 pax]

Learn how to work with clay with our Master Manuel Seita.

Campaniça Guitar Workshop / “Cante Alentejano” Workshop


100€/pax | Without Coral Group [Min. 5 pax]

150€/pax |  With Coral Group  [Min. 5 pax]

Engages in this purely Alentejan tradition and participate in a traditional Alentejo Song experience with Pedro Mestre.

Alentejo Boots Workshop

Price: 70€/ pax [Min. 5 pax]

Learn about this craft from the Alentejo, with artisan Mario Grilo, who preserves and manufactures these traditional boots.

“Fresco de Serpa” Tour

Price: 50€/pax [MIn. 6 pax] 

Availability Thursday and Friday

Visit the churches with murals painted "a fresco" in the town of Serpa, and discover this hidden treasure.

“Fresco de Beja” Tour

Price: 60€/pax [Min. 6 pax] | 

Availability Thursday, Friday and Saturday

Visit the churches with murals painted "a fresco" in the town of Beja, and discover this hidden treasure.


Tour of the wineries of the region

Price: 50€/ pax

Meet the Herdade de Santa Vitória, Herdade dos Grous and our Estate with our guide.

Traditional Dances Workshop

Price: 50€/pax [Min. 8 pax]

Enjoy and learn the traditional Portuguese dances with our dance teacher.

Tile Crafts Workshop

Price: 75€/pax [Min. 5 pax]

Learn the technique of this art with our teacher.

Painting or sculpture workshop

Price: 25€/pax [Min. 4 pax]

Have fun painting a canvas an Malhadinha landscape in the middle of vineyards or enjoy a class handwork.