New Year Experiences 
See what makes us unforgettable

Inspired by the 4 elements, we proposed a sensorial experience trough the new
Malhadinha projects EARTH, AIR, WATER and FIRE

Visit and wine tasting in the barrel cellar

Visit to the property and winery with a wine tasting in the barrel cellar, a trip through the different Malhadinha wines.

Hot air balloon ride

Morning Tour on a hot air balloon. Let yourself be dazzled by the Alentejo landscape. Finish your experience with a breakfast served by our team of Chefs

Pottery workshop with potter Teresa Pavão

We proposed a pottery workshop with the renowned potter Teresa Pavão, who works in a delicate and minimalist way the local clay.

Buinho Workshop with Mestre Manuel Pica

Buinho Workshop at Casa das Artes e Ofícios with the Master Manuel Pica - Learn all the details in the elaboration of handcrafted pieces, the straw that comes naturally from the banks of the Ribeira de Terges.

Clay workshop in Beringel with Mestre António

Clay workshop in Beringel where the Master António forms the clay in its potter's wheel baked in a holly firewood oven.

Fire Kitchen themed dinner

Dinner at Casa do Ancoradouro with fire kitchen. Our Chefs present the meats produced at the Herdade in an interactive and informal way, accompanying a performance with Artists who dance with fire. Nature and authenticity are the concepts of this thematic night. Get inspired by the terracotta colors. We Celebrated the entry into 2020 with a firework show followed by supper and performance by DJ into the night.


Canoeing, a way to start 2020 with a lot of adrenaline.