At Malhadinha Nova, you are invited to enjoy nature in its pristine state. Emerging in the vastness of Alentejo, this is a place where plants and animals grow freely, with little interference from man; just enough to create products which are both unique and natural.

At Malhadinha Nova, we raise cows and Alentejo pigs that graze freely, eating only natural products, in total harmony with nature, with Protected Designation of Origin (PDO).

Alentejana Cattle

Herdade da Malhadinha Nova rears purebred Alentejana cattle. A regional breed produced from rural methods, in extensive farming conditions, where they feed in pastures that are a 100% healthy and natural and are allowed to roam freely.


At Malhadinha Nova we rear the Alentejo Black Pig known for its superior quality and exquisite taste.

We provide a natural habitat, in order for them to develop in freedom while feeding exclusively from natural products, such as acorns, moor, and pasture, responsible for the special flavor of its meat.

The remaining area of the property is for the cultivation of wheat and other cereals used for animal fodder.


Much more than food and energy for the body. the nectar of the olive trees and vineyards are part of the culture and tradition of the Alentejo. From centuries-old olive groves to state-of-the-art wineries, these two activities have developed and have lasted thousands of years: wine making and olive oil production.

The Malhadinha Nova olive grove was planted in the 1940s. lt produces a high purity olive oil of unique gastronomic quality. The Galega olives are hand harvested and processed on the same day they are picked.