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Even though they were drawn centuries ago, the paintings keep the concept of Love alive, from the fatal seductions and shy flirting to the warm kisses. It is worth remembering some of them on the day dedicated to lovers, who usually take advantage of this day to exchange flowers, love letters and other forms of celebration. At the height of the dedications of love, there are works of art that perpetuate passion throughout the year, in its multiple forms, from Gustav Klimt's Kiss to Pierre-Auguste Renoir's courtship.

Come and celebrate Valentine's weekend at Malhadinha by travelling through Europe and discovering the most famous works of Love.

*For reservations until the 31st of January offer a 10% discount.

Experience per person
790 € in a double room at Monte da Peceguina
890 € in a suite at Monte da Peceguina
850 € in a room at Monte da Peceguina
950 € at Casa do Ancoradouro
1150 € at Casa das Artes e Oficios
1150 € at Casa da Ribeira
1090 € at Casa das Pedras

Austria is the birthplace of classical music and the romantic rhythms of the waltz. It was also here that the Austrian painter Gustav Klimt was born, who gained recognition in the symbolist and art nouveau movements, representing eroticism in a very delicate way. His most famous works highlight the female figure, with mosaics, ornaments and decorations in floral motifs. The most famous of Klimt's works is "The Kiss", inspired by the painter himself and his beloved Emilie. And it was in the wake of this beautiful representation of love that we were inspired to welcome you to Malhadinha.



5 pm - Painting exhibition. Discover in our Barrel Cellar the most beautiful works and portraits of one of the painters who best portrays the Alentejo;

8 pm - Dinner at the Restaurant. The golden phase of the Austrian painter Gustav Klimt will serve as inspiration for our team of Chefs;

10 pm - Film session with the film "Before Sunrise". Travel to Vienna and disembark with Jesse and Céline who fall in love in the city of music.

Pierre-Auguste Renoir and Édouard Manet are some of the best known French painters of the Impressionist era. This artistic movement that emerged in the 19th Century is somehow summed up in a sentence said by Édouard Manet: Je peins ce que je vois, et non ce qu'il plaît aux autres de voir. "- ["I paint what I see, and not what for others is pleasing to see"] Let yourself be inspired by the beauty of the Alentejo and express your Love in the way that makes most sense to you. Search for the colours, the lights, the reflections and the contrasts and create and recreate through your eyes your passion for the authenticity of the landscapes, the flavours and the senses in the Alentejo.


8.30 am . 11 am - Wake up with the morning freshness. Feel the first aromas and delight yourself with a breakfast full of fruit, jams and natural juices;

11.00 am - Painting workshop. Love is not only about physical contours. Get inspired by the landscape or by your partner and portray your vision of Love in a painting class;

1 pm - Basket picnic lunch. Enjoy nature in the heart of the Alentejo with a picnic prepared by our Chef. On the banks of the Terges stream or in the vineyards, be amazed and relax with your partner;

[Optional] - Relaxation experience at our Spa. Relax with a revitalizing massage and feel the power of the Azores' ingredients and its diverse trees, plants, flowers and seaweed. Also enjoy a vinotherapy bath and relax in our sauna;

6.30 pm - Vinotherapy bath experience in your room. Relax in the comfort of your room with a vinotherapy bath and feel the power of the natural ingredients in our grapes;

8.00 pm - Dinner at the restaurant. France, and especially its capital, Paris, exudes romance throughout, but it is not only the architecture of the place that has this romantic appeal, the French cuisine also evokes these wonderful feelings and strengthens the bonds of love. Our Chefs have prepared a special menu inspired by French cuisine.


Florence, Tuscany, Venice and Rome, there are countless cities in Italy that remind us of love and mythologies inspired by classical antiquity. Sandro Botticelli, one of the greatest names of the Italian Renaissance, author of "The Birth of Venus", brings to the present day the concepts of love, beauty and fertility represented in the Goddess Venus, according to Roman mythology. Travel to Italy and discover some of the traditions of this country.


08.30 am . 11 am - Breakfast. Enjoy the idylic Malhadinha landscape while savoring the delicacies especially prepared for you by our Chefs team;

11.15 am - "Italian Pasta Fresca" learn the preparation techniques with Italy's most famous ingredient in a cooking workshop with our Chef;

1 pm - Pasta show cooking lunch. Delight yourself with what you have prepared and choose your pasta ingredients for lunch. Fresh products that are prepared by our kitchen team especially for you;

12 pm - Check-out. * Possibility of late check-out offer.

2 nights’ accommodation. All meals and drinks mentioned in the program. All activities mentioned in the program. Welcome gift provided in all rooms is made up of a wine, fruit from the estate, a tile with cured sheep cheese and homemade jam accompanied by Alentejo bread.

Not Included:
All drinks with and without meals, except those mentioned in the programme. SPA Experience [subject to availability]

Cancellation and Payment Policy:
Confirmation of the programme is subject to the initial payment of 50% of the programme fee. If cancelled up to 15 days before, 50% of the total booking will be charged. If cancelled less than 7 days before the programme or in case of no-show, the total amount of the programme will be charged.

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