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Spring at Malhadinha Nova

4 days | 3 nights

It is usually the most awaited season by most people. It is the station that symbolizes rebirth, prosperity, and growth. At Malhadinha, these symbols are truly real and can be seen in various aspects, always paired with breath-taking sceneries that fill our souls: the new offspring of our animals, the unstoppable work of the bees that produce our delicious honey, the little sprouts on our vines, the green fields and the vibrant colours that dress up our flowers. In such atypical year, get into Nature’s rhythm at Malhadinha and dedicate these four days to celebrate Spring with us, where Naturer rhymes with colour and renovation.

Experience per person
840 € in a double room at Monte da Peceguina
990 € in a suite at Monte da Peceguina
1140 € at Casa do Ancoradouro
1065 € at Casa das Artes e Oficios
1065 € at Casa da Ribeira
1215 € at Casa das Pedras
0-3 years old – Free of charge / 4-6 years old – 150€ / 7-12 years old – 225€

From 15-04-2021 until 18-04-2021

“You are the Spring I waited for
The multiplying and brilliant life
In which every instant is full and perfect”
Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen


Before you get to us you have certainly already passed through the green fields of Alentejo: Spring at Malhadinha starts there!

This season is also the representation of a new cycle. In a ride in a vintage all-terrain vehicle discover Malhadinha in a visit focused on new-born animals: calves of our Alentejo Cow, foals of our Lusitano Horses, lambs of our merino sheep and the famous black-pork that will make children and grown-ups smile.

On the first night we suggest you join us for a dinner alluding to the most beautiful season of the year, where there won't be a lack of colours and flavours.

“Can’t you see the last star
In the cloudy sky veiling?
Collect the candle,
Oh fisherman!
Throw the haul carefully
The mermaid sings beautifully…
But beware,
Oh fisherman!
That the net will not entangle her,
Lost is the oar and the candle,
Just from seeing her,
Oh fisherman.”
Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen


Served in the Comfort of your room or in common areas, let yourself be absorbed in the Nature in its fullness, while you savour the best and freshest products Malhadinha has to offer.

The days start getting longer and warmer. Put your fishing skills to the test or come learn how to make the best handmade hydrating exfoliant in our Alchemy Bar. No excuse not to enjoy the day outdoors.

No matter what activity you choose before, we believe that it opened your appetite for a lunch filled with organic and healthy ingredients produced in our Estate, served at the Casa do Ancoradouro – where you can enjoy the best sceneries of the property.

Floral is to spring like wine is to Malhadinha. Around here, we want to continue to join the concepts together. The terpenic varieties (like Touriga Nacional, Alvarinho, Antão Vaz or Roupeiro) are famous for their floral aromas. Come and get to know the best examples of our springier wines, in a unforgettable tasting.

The day ends with a gastronomical ode to the best of Malhadinha. At the end of the meal take your time to enjoy the starry sky of Alentejo.

“In that time
Under the gloriette of
Violet wisterias
The bees and I
Dizzy from the perfume
Up there the bees
Golden and small
Were not worried about me
Going from flower to flower
Down here I am
Sitting on the tile bench
Between the shadow and the
Flower and perfume
As eager as the bees”
Sophia de Mello Breyner


Spring means start and that could not be more adequate to breakfast. Get strength for another amazing day at our Estate. (Tip: don’t forget to taste the honey”)

We are certain that the delicious honey has not left your mind. We want to tell you all about the process of extracting honey in a visit to our beehives, from where this nectar comes out as sweet and organic.

We could not help but wish that you enjoy every scenery at Malhadinha. So we prepared a fantastic selection of snacks from Malhadinha at our Casa do Ancoradouro, the highest point in the property, with a breath-taking view.

Flowers, flowers, flowers. We do not tire of contemplating them. Learn how to make the best floral arrangements and recreate them at home whenever you miss us.

Today was a very intense day, of many learnings and new experiences. Therefore, we could not want to create another thematic dinner with Malhadinha’s refinement.

“There are moonlight invaded gardens
That vibrate in the silence like lyres
Hold your love between your fingers
In this April garden where you breathe
Life won’t come – your hands
Can not harvest in others the sweetness
Of flowers swinging on the light winds”
Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen


While you enjoy the flowers swinging on the light wind, enjoy a delicious breakfast.

Experiences create memories: learn how to make soap and candles, ornated with Malhadinha’s flowers and plants, that you can take with you and be reminded of us everyday. If you prefer, you can accompany us on a trek through the Estate’s trails, where you can breathe Alentejo’s pure fresh air.

If picknicks are already a classic at Malhadinha, during spring they make even more sense. Surrender yourself to the power of Nature and live our fantastic barbecue paired with a selection of Peceguina wine.

If there is anything we learned during these past few days is that everything is cyclical, and that a “see you” can quickly turn into a “welcome back”. See you soon!


3 night stay – Every meal mentioned on the program – Every activity mentioned on the program. One bottle of Monte da Peceguina 37,5cl for free at check-out.


Every drinks during meals or otherwise, except the ones mentioned on the program.


In situations where the Outdoor Activities are conditioned by Weather Issues, the activities will be switched with similar experiences with the client's consent and according with the client's preferences.

Cancel Policy:

Bookings can be altered or cancelled if made until 5 days before the check-in date.
If cancellation takes place after the 5 day window, the full 100% value of the experience will be charged.
In the case of a no-show or early leave the full 100% value of the experience will be charged.

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Spring at Malhadinha Nova | 3 nights

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